Refinishing is a multi-step process. In fact, pieces in our shop for refinishing may take days to weeks to complete.


Here is a summary of the refinishing process:


1.  Furniture is prepared for stripping.

          -All hardware is removed.

          -Pieces are inspected for any non-wood materials.


2.  Furniture is stripped.

          -A liquid or gel chemical solvent is applied to appropriate surfaces.

          - After sufficient time, the finish is scrubbed, scraped, or wiped away.


3.  Stripping solvent is neutralized.


4.  Wood is allowed to dry completely.


5.  Any repairs are done.

          - Joints are tested and reglued/reinforced if necessary.

          - Missing pieces are replaced or filled.


6.  All surfaces are hand-sanded in 3 stages.


7.  Color and sheen are selected.


8.  A custom-mixed stain is applied.*


9.  All surfaces are coated with a protective sealer (4 coats min).


10.  Surfaces are hand-sanded between coats of sealer.


11.  A lacquer-based finish is carefully sprayed over sealer (4 coats min).


12.  A final buffing and/or polishing is done before presentation.



*Depending upon the customer's choice, pieces may be painted instead of stained. Faux and designer/exotic finishes are also available, but include several more steps.

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