Custom Table Pads



So you've just invested in a high-quality table as a showpiece for your home. Why leave it unprotected from spills, burns, scratches and dents?


We always discount pads 30% off manufacturer's suggested retail!

All Tablepad locking devices are NOT created equal ... Not even close!

Exclusive Patented Hidden Magnetic Locking System

  • Eliminates pad separation and sliding

  • 100% user-friendly (nothing to think about - nothing to do - they just work)

  • Unlike other exposed locking systems, MagnaLocs™ are completely concealed whether the pads are in use or not.

  • Will not come loose, fall off or break (as other exposed locking systems may)

  • Eliminates damage that can be caused by other exposed locking devices

  • Can be fully functional up to 100 years

Solid Core Benefits

  • Solid fiberboard core compared to layered material, minimizing odor / mildew potential

  • Lighter weight for ease of handling

  • Exclusive precision machine cutting (hand cutting less accurate)

  • Will not bend or bow when carried or stored upright

Here's how to get your custom table pads:


  • If your table was manufactured recently by a major manufacturer, we may have the size and dimensions in our system; just give us the name of the maunfacturer and the style number.


  • If your table is round, all we need is the diameter.


  • If your table is square or rectangle, and has square edges, all we need is the size.


  • If your table doesn't fit the above descriptions, or if you're just not sure, stop by our shop and pick up a template with easy-to-follow directions. We can custom manufacture just about any shape and/or size.


  • Table pads come in a variety of colors and textures to closely match your table and decor.



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